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Coronavirus from Outer Space - Interview with world-renown Astrobiologist Prof Wickramasinghe

World-renown Astrobiologist, Prof. Chandra Wickramasinghe shares fascinating research on the cosmic origin of life on planet Earth. Life is a cosmic phenomenon, not limited to our small planet Earth. We are part of a vast cosmic biosphere in which the Earth regularly interacts with microorganisms from outer space. The outbreak of the coronavirus on Earth is of extraterrestrial origins, brought to Earth on cometary dust. Community spread is only secondary. The first exposure to the virus from outer space happened simultaneously along the latitude belt of 30-50 degrees N.

Viruses & Evolution from Space

Conventional science denies the fact that Life came from Space and so do viruses and diseases. We are facing the coronavirus crisis, failing to understand and accept its cosmic evolutionary origin. Our human DNA is directly impacted by viruses from outer space and transformed, enhanced for evolution.

Dawn of New Cosmic Consciousness - Prof. Wickramasinghe
Life came from Cosmos - Prof. Wickramasinghe - Astronomer Astrobiologist

The cosmos is what some may call ‘creator’. It is the embodiment of all intelligence. Life on Earth did not originate from Earth. Life as we know it is a result of cosmic interactions and interventions. We are not alone in the vast intelligent cosmos.

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