The Hoyle Shield Project – Summary

The Hoyle Shield Summary

Project Facilitator : William E.  (Bill) Smith


The HOYLE SHIELD PROJECT : this project is currently  focused on a basic question known as the Gosewinkel Question : Do microbes enter the Earth’s atmosphere from space as hypothesized in PANSPERMIA? 

The project is aimed at creative, motivated high school students to give them exposure to a variety of scientific and engineering disciplines and opportunities.

The short term goal is to utilize existing balloon capability and relatively simple microbe detection strategies.

The R&D side of the project seeks to encourage participating students to explore development of a more sophisticated global system as defined in the 2013 SPIE paper by W.E. Smith. Progress will be made by accessing and utilizing sophisticated technologies made available to the participants by supportive companies.


Think of Your Local Weather Forecast :

You and your family watch the weather forecast every night. To deliver this the weather man uses a global system consisting of : sensors in the air, on the oceans and on the ground; communication systems to pipe the data in real-time to a central control system; data reporting and modelling tools to display the current “maps” and to predict and display the future maps. There are 5-10 major systems which do thits: UK, USA, Australi, etc.

Now Extend this to a Microbe Forecast

For more detailed  explanation and current project information see the Hoyle Shield website.

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