2018-2-14 : Prof Chandra Talks on Cruise Ships

I have given this talk (recording below) as part of my series of talks on cruise ships for at least 10 years, the last time being 2017 last year.  I do not know who recorded it but it appeared on an email sent to me, and I think it is an interesting clip to use.  Of course the recording was done without my permission, but the copyright is mine!

“This extract is part of a lecture series on the cosmic origins of life delivered by Chandra Wickramasinghe.  The place of humans in the evolution of life appears to be utterly trivial in relation to the time during which we have existed on this planet.  The overwhelming dominance is of far humbler lifeforms is most striking and our emergence seems like an afterthought that occupied scarcely the twinkling of the eye!”

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