2014-9-20 : United Nations Event beckons

Kirkwall Science Festival  in the Orkney Islands, Scotland

I have been sounding out the opinions of diverse groups of people about the current feeling about the origins of life.  I was the principal lecturer at this year’s science festival in Kirkwall in the Orkney Islands, my lectures on the case for Panspermia and “life as a cosmic phenomenon” were well received.  This week I gave interviews for two separate Discovery Channel programmes that would be aired next year.  Again the reception of my contribution was most encouraging.

Meeting of the United Nations Outer Space Affairs Division

Next week I am giving a talk in Graz, Austria to the Meeting of the United Nations Outer Space Affairs Division on “The discovery of extraterrestrial life – its impact on humanity”.

There is a flood of new data of different kinds – Rosetta Mission, the discovery of plankton on the outside of the international space station, evidence of ancient life in a new Mars meteorite, diatoms in the Sri Lankan Meteorite – all pointing in one direction.  There is, I believe, a growing perception that the Earth was seeded with life from the vast cosmos, and that is seeding still continues.

The Difficult Endeavour of Seeking the Signs of Life

Since 2013 and NASA’s announcement that they were moving from “The Search for Water” to the “Difficult Endeavour of Seeking the Signs of Life” , I am delighted to report that the pioneering work of the late Sir Fred Hoyle and myself is being more and more  recognized.

It seems 2013 really was the year Panspermia entered mainstream science.

I am grateful to have lived long enough to see this happen. 🙂

Chandra Wickramasinghe

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